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Small and large scale Biosecurity surveys

Delivering property to regional scale surveys, by vehicle, bike, foot or air using the latest technologies. Engaged as authorised officers to determine, presence/absence, notify new incursions,buffer lines and delineation boundaries for various Invasive species recognised under different states legislations.

Weed identification and mapping

By identifying and establishing density of invasive species, determine key threatening vectors and pathways, map existing, new or established populations, gather intelligence and implement proposed best outcome control program to reduce the impacts the particular species may be causing.

Commercial Baititng Operator

To deliver and enhance best practice techniques on various pest animal species, feral cats, foxes, wild dogs, feral pigs with the latest technologies. Optimise bait placementstrategies and be highly vigilant for bait replacement timeframes, access including remote and rough terrain, deliver toxic baits strategically across the landscape, monitor and report. Can deliverworkshops for land managers to equip them with techniques and strategies to enhance bait pick up by target species.

Pest animal trapping

Can deliver best practice trapping workshops to land holders, working groups, councils, government and working groups. Mobile portable traps, resources (cameras) and electronic feeders. Pre feeding, checked daily, target specific, landscape approach. Wild dogs, foxes, feral pigs, feral cats and goats.

Terrestrial Invasive weed spraying

Local council, catchment, Landcare level or private weed control, equipped with high and low volume spray units for chemical distribution. Signage, correct personal protective equipment andvery weed seed and hygiene vigilant, mapping upon requests.

Helicopter / Drone surveying and Aerial Incendiary work

Seasonal surveys, weed specific, GIS mapping to undertaken population levels and densities of proposed weed control program. Supported by Industry aviation experts. Aerial firesuppression/prescription/hazard reduction, seasonal burn requirements for biodiversity or ecosystem health.


Pest Bird Control

Pest bird control (Pigeons, sparrows, Indian mynas, larger native birds) covering all aspects and environments. Grain holding facilities, intensive husbandry, public places, Quality control and Biosecurity premises. Shooting (Day and night) Thermal scopes, pre- feeding and bait placement if required, carcass removal.

Commercial shooting – harvesting

Accredited in the removal of Native fauna (Kangaroo harvesting) also feral deer and feral pigs. Can deliver/assist in Damage mitigation permits in QLD and NSW. Carcass recovery. Food authority authorised.

Remote camera installation

Ground truthing for best available position for camera deployment. Landscape approach to pest animal control – pre and post measures. Small or large scale, local or private. Camera data analysed, cellular where possible.

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