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Deciding to invest and deliver our knowledge and energy in the environmental sector was a foregone conclusion. With a special interest in the Invasive species frameworks, their ecology, control strategies and ingredients to succeed has been a driving force behind the evolution of Invasive Plant and Animal Services, business platform.

Combining the written and engaged words of legislation, a running commemoratory on what control strategies to implement and with an underling tone of “mentorship and guidance” our team is driven on delivering on ground results with the latest technologies and techniques.

Sitting idle is not in our nature, time is precious, and results will stand for themselves. Something to think about………. To break any Invasive Animal Species breeding cycle we must “Decrease their access to food water and shelter, increase mortality (deaths) and limit migration or dispersal”.  Accredited, licensed and Insured along with Industry experience for over 15 years.

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Clynton Spencer

Clynton grew up in a regional environment, it was only a matter of time before his passion turned to the studying of natural processes. But first, there was a craving for success in the sporting arena, which in latter reflection would be the key business fundamentals of hard work, communication, strategy, teamwork, execution and results. Deflecting from the sporting paddock to the academic one, he pursued various studies in Environmental Management, specializing in Pest Management and the Invasive Plant and Animal Services business was born. Broader accomplishments include, extensive biosecurity rabbit surveying in key breeding areas in South East Qld, Invasive weed spraying for WONS weeds in Northern NSW, feral cat control for a large Non-Government organisation and delivering numerous “Best Practice” workshops through eastern Australia.

A major strength is his operations, he executes the best methodology to get a result, camera trapping, long night time surveys, strategic pest animal trap placements, poison bait placement and incredibly acute on a firearm. You snooze you lose, an underlying moto of his believe to get things done.  

If there is such a thing as spare time, you’ll find him in the garden picking/preserving home grown vegetables with his family, preparing or smoking home grown or field shot meat, challenging himself in adventure races, camp oven cooking or taking his family to where there’s no “phone reception”.

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